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FEZANA - Iranshah: A Legacy Restored Available for Sale

Monday, January 15, 2024 7:00 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

FEZANA is pleased to announce to announce the release of ‘Iranshah A Legacy Restored’, a book about the heritage restoration of the Iranshah Ātash Behram.

Published by Shapoorji Pallonji, the book is sold exclusively by FEZANA in North America, for anyone interested in exploring a volume of visuals, scripted with a narrative on Zoroastrian heritage.

Through an exclusive collaboration with the Shapoorji Pallonji Group, FEZANA has procured a limited quantity of these books to be shipped out of our headquarters in Chicago to addresses in the United States and Canada only.

Iranshah: A Legacy Restored

The book captures the extensive structural restoration by Shapoorji Pallonji, of the Fire Temple and buildings in its campus, recording work as it unfolded, revealing discoveries of interventions to the structures and the process for conservation of the art and antiquity. Along with technical details, the book also gives a glimpse of life in the sleepy coastal town of Udwada, the significance of a consecrated fire, a brief introduction of the Zoroastrian religion and glances at the cultural practices of a community that has made India their home for the last 1,300 years,

“The restoration of the Ātash Behram is in gratitude to the legacies our priests have preserved, and the book is a tribute to everyone who has toiled on this restoration project,” says Shapoor Mistry, Chairman, Shapoorji Pallonji And Company Pvt Ltd.

This Fire Temple is the house of the most revered, oldest and continuously burning fire, consecrated 1,300 years ago, and is the principal place of worship of the Parsi, Irani Zoroastrian faith and community. The Iranshah Ātash Behram building was constructed 130 years ago and consecrated on 31st October 1894, in Udwada, a town within the state of Gujarat, in India.

The publishers are grateful for the valuable support we received from scholars of Zoroastrianism to make this book an insightful volume for posterity. And many skills and much enthusiasm was found within our teams at Shapoorji Pallonji, to take this book from conceptualization, to writing and designing, to production and publishing.

The book is priced at US $50 for shipping to United States and US $70 for shipping to Canada.

Please allow 10-15 days for shipping.



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