Mobed (Priest)

Mobed Directory

 Name Telephone Email
 Ervad Athavian Bamj 416-953-5324
 Ervad Hoshang Udwadia 416-499-4957
 Ervad Kerman Katrak (Speaks Farsi) 647-444-7359
 Ervad Mehbad Dastur 416-917-9195
 Ervad Pauzash Mithaiwala 647-819-0795
 Ervad Xersis Dastur 647-639-1677
 Mobedyar Bahram Varjavand (Speaks Farsi)
 647-892-7909 N/A

Rates for Mobed's Services

North American Mobeds Council (NAMC) provides the following guidelines for “Ashodad” or “Kadr-Dani” for performing religious services as requested by the family.

 Ceremony Type
 Weddings / Gavah / Navjote / Sedreh–Pooshi  $ 500 per Mobed per ceremony
 Jashan / Jashan–Khani / Afargan /Avesta-e-Seeom / Avesta-e-Saal  $ 250 per Mobed per ceremony

 Funeral Ceremonies:

 Geh Saarnu (prayers at funeral home)
 Day Uthamnu / Avesta-e-Sevom
 Night Uthamnu / Avesta-e-Shaab
 Chaharom / Avesta-e-Chaharom
 Porseh (Memorial Service)
 $ 250 per Mobed per ceremony
 Sareh Khak, Poresh
 $ 500 per Mobed per ceremony
 Fareshta and Vendidad Ceremony
 $ 1,501 and $ 2,001 respectively

Note: NAMC will provide pro-bono religious service to Zoroastrians with financial needs in North America.

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