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The Zoroastrian Society of Ontario appreciates the philanthropic spirit and the generosity that is amongst all of us.

For those who don't have a PayPal account, please continue filling in your contact information and click on the 'Process donation' button. Wait until you are redirected to the PayPal website. There you will see a line saying 'Don't have a PayPal account?', click on the Continue link on the next line. You can then fill in your credit card information on the screen and then process the request. Once the process is completed you will receive an automated email message in your inbox for the donation made.

ZSO does not store or retain any credit card information. The information you entered is shared with the Treasurer to mail out the receipt.



Dear Zoroastrians,

We are all aware of the widespread disastrous effects of Hurricane Harvey, and unfortunately it has affected several Zoroastrian families in parts of Texas, and especially around the Houston area.  FEZANA has sent out an appeal for donations to help the severely affected, and a portion of that appeal is reproduced below:

“Further to FEZANA Executive's email announcement on the tragedy caused by Hurricane Harvey, we have heard that some Zarathushtis have been flooded out of their homes and many have been mandatorily evacuated from their homes.  Funds are needed to help purchase supplies and provide resources for victims of this life-threatening flood emergency which is widespread, bringing to halt many large to mid-sized cities along the Gulf Coast.  FEZANA Welfare & Critical Assistance Committee is now requesting for your donations for helping the people affected by this calamity.

“The funds collected will be used to help the Zoroastrian families affected by this disaster, at the discretion of FEZANA Welfare & Critical Assistance Committee.”

In order to enable Canadian donors to obtain Tax Receipts for their donations, please make out your cheque for $25.00 or more, payable to “ZSO”, mention ”Texas Flood Relief” in the cheque memo portion and on the envelope, and mail your cheque to Zoroastrian Society of Ontario, 3590 Bayview Avenue, North York, Ontario M2M 3S6.

OR you can donate it online here.

As the funds are needed for emergency relief, ZSO requests that your donation cheques be mailed so as to reach the ZSO latest by 25th September.  ZSO will then remit the monies collected to the FEZANA Treasurer at the address in Gibbsboro, New Jersey.

We thank you in anticipation of your generosity.

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