Mobile phone users please click on "List View" to see the list of calendar entries.

Please click here to see the calendar entries using the Microsoft link.

This calendar shows entries upto a year ahead (if entered) and synchronizes every 12 hours. For news and other activities please refer to the ACTIVITIES-EVENTS page.

If you need to book the Dadgah prayer room for prayer rituals, please have the mobed you speak to contact Executive Officer2 at to have it published on the ZSO calendar.  Click here to see the names of the current board members.

The list of available mobeds can be accessed here.


Thinking about renting the MDGM hall for private functions or special events!! 

If you find there is a vacancy on the required date, please send an email to Executive Officer2 at along with the attached RENTAL APPLICATION AND AGREEMENT FORM FOR MGDM MAIN HALL. Your patience is appreciated until confirmation email is received.

 ZSOMainHall1  ZSOMainHall2

ZSOMainHall3  ZSOMainHall4


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