Why become a member of the Zoroastrian Society of Ontario (ZSO)?

  • Support your own local religious place of worship
  • Be a part of the largest Zoroastrian non-profit organization in Canada
  • To encourage, preserve and instil the Zoroastrian religion as set forth in the teachings of prophet Zarathushtra and the Zoroastrian faith.
  • Stay informed with important community related communication messages sent via Email, SMS and Autodialer
  • Receive monthly newsletters via Email and/or regular mail
  • Be involved and make your voice heard for various community activities and events.  
  • Be eligible to apply for ZSO Annual Scholarship. The scholarship is open to applicants whose families have been members of the Zoroastrian Society of Ontario (ZSO) for a continuous period of two years preceding the deadline date of application of the award, with the exception of new immigrant families who have arrived within the preceding two years from said date.
  • The membership fees go towards funding the various programs and activities throughout the year. It also helps towards the upkeep of our very own Meheraban Guiv Darbe Mehr which is used for many occasions. 
  • Show your support and have your family and friends also sign-up to be a ZSO member

 ZSO Online Signup


ZSO Membership form is available for whose who prefer to fill in the information and send the cheque by mail.

For existing members who would like to renew their membership, click here for instructions on how to pay fees online.




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